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Sentinel Pest Control – Specialists for Your Environment

Sentinel is proud to offer a full range of residential services for your home. With the convenience of one service provider to meet all your needs, you can perfectly protect and maintain your home all year round.

When you call a Sentinel specialist, you'll receive a service plan designed specially for you and your home. Our specialists will work hard to provide you with all the services you need throughout the year and within the budget you define.

Sentinel's Strength for Over 80 Years

Sentinel is proud of the service that we can offer to the home owner or renter in the central Illinois area. We offer many different services to the home owner, which include:

  • One-time service with a forty five (45) day elimination warranty.
  • The Sentinel Residential Shield Program listed below which evolved out of our 75 years of experience as the
    best approach to residential pest control possible
  • Sentinel is always happy to work with any of our customers to customize a service specifically suited to the needs of the customer. While we know that one of the three Residential Shield options are perfect for the vast majority of our customers we will specialize if we need to.

We at Sentinel do not believe in selling work that doesn’t need to be done nor will we force our customers to sign an extended contract for service when one or two applications would be all that is needed to solve a problem.

Sentinel also understands that some people are sensitive to having pesticide in their environment. So, we will always offer alternatives to traditional spraying when they are possible and we feel the pest can be effectively eliminated by other means. This is just another way in which Sentinel Pest Control strives to provide its customers with the best service available.

If you have any questions or would like to arrange for a experienced, trained, Sentinel technician to come to your home, please give Sentinel Pest control a call at 217-523-6312 and let us take the worry out of your pest control problems.